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Record Your Smart Demo Lesson for VIPKid.

The VIPKid Smart Demo Lesson is a new shorter version of the demo / interview that you can do on your smartphone. I highly recommend this option because it is quicker and easier to do. Read about all demo options here. In the VIPKid Smart Demo Quiz or Smart Interview Quiz applicants must answer five multiple choice questions about VIPKid slides and teaching. You will have 90 seconds to answer each question. Before you start the quiz, it’s important to read the [Introduction] and [Materials] sections on the app. What is the Smart Demo Lesson? The Smart Demo Lesson gives you the chance to speed up the application process. You can complete the Smart Demo Lesson on your own time, and a VIPKid recruiter will review and give you feedback. Instead of scheduling a demo lesson through our recruitment portal, you will be able to shoot a short video. The video.

23.04.2019 · VIPKID Interview: Smart Demo Lesson Brand Ambassador Video A new and easy way to complete your VIPKID interview from your smartphone. Download the VIPKID Teacher app Hi! My name is Teacher. Welcome the newest interview option available! The Smart Demo Lesson is VIPKid’s most recent innovation in applicant-interview technologies. And it’s as “smart” as it sounds. The Smart Demo Lesson is a different way to interview with VIPKid. However, the Live Interview and Recorded Demo. Understandably, the VIPKID hiring process can be a bit intimidating. Most employers only require their applicants to pass an interview before beginning a new job. But, unlike other jobs, VIPKID needs to vet its applicants to be sure they are hiring the best possible teachers. The second step in the hiring process is the VIPKID smart demo.

The smart demo is a great way to quickly move to the next phase, but it doesn't replace being prepared. VIPKid suggests allowing 10 minutes for the full Smart Demo Lesson: 5 minutes for the quiz, 3 minutes for the demo lesson, and 2 minutes for the analysis report. How long do I have to complete the Smart Demo Lesson? It’s recommended to submit the video within 3 days after completing the basic information. What do I need to do to pass?

Tips from a VIPKID Mock Class Mentor: How to pass your mock class This is a complete demo of the NEW VIPKID interview slides JUST RELEASED in July This demo also includes valuable teaching tips for you to use once you. Smart Cents Mom » Blog Archive 5 VIP Kid Videos to Help You Ace the Interview - Smart Cents Mom See more. VIPKID Smart Demo Lesson. The VIPKID smart interview is the newest way to complete the interview process and my personal recommendation since it’s the fastest. The smart demo VIPKID lesson is a super short version of the regular Demo Lesson. You can also do it from your phone. Here’s how to get started: Sign up for VIPKID!

Pass your VIPKid interview in the next ten minutes!!! Dont forget to choose your coach before signing your contract! You can do this by logging into the VIPKID website, clicking on the "my account" tab, and adding code JENNI0139.

VIPKID Smart Demo & Interview - MIKE & LAURA.

The VIPKid Smart Demo is a quick and easy way to pass the demo stage of the VIPKid hiring process. Learn how to pass the VIPKid Smart Demo. Read answers to FAQs about the Smart Demo. View the Smart Demo slides prior to teaching them. See examples of me teaching the Smart Demo. 07.06.2019 · You can miss 3/5 and still pass. I did the Smart Demo. After re-recording 130 times, I was sure I had blown it, but I passed. People seem pretty happy with it. VIPKid is now offering an even faster way to get through the interview: The 2.5-minute Smart Demo Lesson. The new Smart Demo Lesson can be done completely from the phone app. 11.06.2019 · So I submitted my information to VIPKid a few weeks ago and they have been emailing and calling trying to get me to take the next steps. I received an email that is saying "No More Interview" and it is asking me to download an applicable app and do a 2 minute Smart Demo.

25.01.2018 · How to Make an AWESOME Demo for VIPKID There are several different times that you might be asked to make a demo for VIPKID. There is a demo option for the interview process apply here and you may also be asked to create a demo to be certified for. Welcome the newest interview option available! The Smart Demo Lesson is VIPKid’s most recent innovation in applicant-interview technologies. And it’s as “smart” as it sounds. The Smart Demo Lesson is a different way to interview with VIPKid. However, the Live Interview and Recorded Demo are still available. Learn more about them and the. It’s easier than ever to apply and interview for VIPKid! There is a new way of doing your interview called the “Smart Demo”. If you choose to interview this way you can complete the application and interview in as little as 15 minutes. Just to test how fast and easy the new process is I decided to film myself applying and completing the. VIPKID has introduced a new option for the hiring process called the SMART Interview. This is a very quick option to complete and pass the interview stage! This article shows you exactly what the SMART interview looks like and what to do.

VIPKID Coaching Days are in-person training sessions held around the country. Attending an in-person coaching day will allow you to skip the interview and demo step and go straight through to the mock classes. You can check out the coaching schedule here! 4. You can do a shorter VIPKID Smart Demo Interview on your phone. If you are hesitant about jumping into the hiring process or doing that first initial "interview" demo. Consider checking out the new SMART DEMO option VIPKid.

Use these tips to ace your recorded demo for VIPKID! Want free, personalized help getting hired? ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ As Tina's referral, you'll enjoy access to her detailed "VIPKID Hiring Guide & Resources" document, Facebook live Q&A events, a community of teachers dedicated to your success, and much more! If you've already applied and want to be. Hi, I'm VIPKID Teacher Erin! I teach ESL online with VIPKID and it has completely changed my life. I now work for myself online, on my own time, ANYWHERE! On. You have a couple options here including the Live Demo, the Recorded Demo, the super fast Smart Demo done on your cell phone, or bypassing the Demo Stage entirely by doing a Coaching Day Event in person! All of these Demo Lesson Options have another central focus: seeing if you can be the VIPKid teacher type. This includes being lively.

I recently came across VIPKID through an ad I found online. VIPKID is a program that uses teachers across the world to teach English to children in China. No teaching experience required! I clicked on the ad on a Wednesday evening at 7:30. I had my first interview with VIPKID at 2am that same night morning. I spent Thursday reviewing the. How to download the mobile app which is how you will access and complete the Smart Demo. Note: The smart demo is not available online. It is ONLY available within this app. What to expect of the short quiz you can read materials beforehand to prepare: 5 minutes should do it. How to record yourself teaching a really fast demo lesson.

We are Mike & Laura, full-time travelers and part-time RVers. We met while living in Steamboat Springs, got married, and now we’re exploring the world by visiting the. 06.05.2019 · VIPKid has recently enabled a “smart interview” process that can be done from the VIPKid Teacher App on your iPhone or Android. Basically, once you’ve filled out your application form and put in a referral code ELAYN0003, you can download the VIPKid app and record a quick interview from there! 1- Application & Demo. You want to have your classroom set-up and ready to go before you jump into the first step. You have 3 days to complete the next step after your demo. VIPKid offers coaching as well. Check the options below! But first.

Option 2- a live demo, Option 3- a SMART demo, and Option 4- a Fast Pass Coaching day. In this post, I will share with you some things you need to consider before attempting to take on the VIPKid Demo lesson. I will share tips and tricks you can use to pass the Demo regardless of which option you chose and how to prepare for each Demo option. Previously, applicants who passed the Basic Info stage had to schedule an interview with a VIPKID representative, or record a much longer 10 to 15-minute demo video. August 2018. VIPKID has announced that candidates who pass the interview stage of the application no longer have to worry about failing the mock classes. Teachers who are.

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